Submitting Materials

If you have CHS photos you are willing to share with everyone, I would be most happy to put them on this site. They can be anything that you think we would enjoy seeing, not just school pictures. We will put general interest photos and information onto the Scrapbook page. Personal stories and photos will go on a Then and Now page (See example). If you have a set of photos from one of your earlier grades (see example) we would love to include them as well.

Sending an already scanned photo is easiest for me, but it only takes about 30 seconds to do this, so if you wish to just send me photos to scan I can certainly do that and return the photos to you. A prepaid return mailer would be great, but not absolutely necessary.

If you scan, I prefer the files to be in the JPEG/JPG format but can work around other formats. File size isn't too important to me as I have a cable connection and can download fast and easily. I usually scan in 300 ppi and then scale down as necessary to make the best photo for viewing.

email photos, news, Etc. to:

Or they can be sent or brought to:

Susan Czaja
50 Old Indian Trail
Middlefield, CT 06455

David Butler
357 Main Street
Cromwell, CT 06416