**1952-53 Nathaniel White Teachers, Basketball Team, and Cheerleaders**

These photos are pages 9 and 10 of the 1953 Nathaniel White School 8th grade yearbook, The Star. Ellen Eckersley has this one two-sided page but does not have the rest. If anyone has the rest of this booklet, please let us know. This is one of those forgotten gems as far as school history. The names were suggested by Ellen (Ranger), Sally, and Willa Eckersley and myself and we need help with the rest. Is there anyone from MHS 57 or 58 who knows these folks? (Dick Nixon)

~~Row 1~~
1. Rose Perrucchio [Secretary[ 2. Florence Ostergren 3. Sarah Kotok 4. Edna Stevens 5. Simon Moore [superintendant] 6. John Denz
~~Row 2~~
1. Mafalda Shekosky, 2. Dolores Detoro Scrivano, 3. Barbara Ruggles??, 4. Flora Eisenstein, 5. Betty Henderson, 6. Olive Kendall, 7. Shirley Ahlberg, 8. Veronica Frank, 9. Esther Goodwin, 10. Madeline Anderson, 11. Doris Johnson,
~~Row 3~~
1. Lillian Adams, 2. ______ ______, 3. Margaret Foster??, 4. Lucille Brinck, 5. Odelie Gibbons, 6. ______ Phern??, 7. Katherine Jarzabek, 8. Irene Egan, 9. ______ ______, 10, Donald Garde,
~~Top Row~~
1. Ben Lord, 2, Ray Greene, 3. Joe Stroneski, 4. Ray Trabold, 5. Mildred Fisher, 6. Althea Reil, 7. Gertrude Palmer, 8. Sally Rooslund , 9. Marlow Pierce,

From Dick Nixon:
There are 36 people in the photo. In the June 1951 Highlights there is a staff list of 32 for '51-'52. (The list seems to leave out the cafeteria people except Mrs. Fisher)

So, except for those that came or went in one year, some possible names are:
Betty Jane Basile - grade k, Ruth Flaherty -grade 1/2, Annette DiMauro -grade 2, Madeline Ferriter -grade 3, Oscar Auer -grade 3/4, Delores DeToro -grade 4, Richard Irwin -grade 7, Constance Olson - art, Ruth Garde - nurse.

Miss. Stevens is not listed as principal.

No Goodwin or Lord in 51-52 but I remember a Dan Lord sometime in that era.

From Eileen Geer Branciforte:

I was looking at the R. Nixon's photo of NWS teachers, B 1952-1953 Basketball Team, and cheerleaders. If some of the people were still there 10-12 yrs later, I have a few guesses:

row 2: #4-Mrs. Cherlin(?)-music;

row 3 #2 - Josephine Planeteau(?)- English; #7 Regina Lee- English?; #9-Edna Ward?- English

row 4 #1 - John Traska (?) Science

Bob Niesyn (CHS '65)

In your 52-53 teachers photo I'll take a stab at Row 3, #7 as Mrs. Jarzabek (sp)

I am most confident in Top Row, #6 as ALTHEA Reil and #7 as GERT (Gertrude?) Palmer

Barbara Brangle Allan (CHS '65)

I agree with Bob Niesyn on Row 3, #7 - I think it is Mrs Jarzabek and her fiest name is Katherine. She was my 3rd grade teacher - my mom saved my report cards and Mrs Jarzabek signed it as 'Katherine M. Jarzabek"

Bob Franklin

If memory serves, teacher Lord's first name was Ben, not Dan.

Chris Langer

The teacher to the right of Miss Frank with the missing first name, last name goodwin, I think would be Esther Goodwin. I served with her son Bill Goodwin in the Air National Guard. I tracked down her name from Bill's obituary.

Basketball Team Photo

The eighth graders here would be MHS '57 the 7th graders MHS '58

~~Front Row~~

Jim Rose, Buddy Spada, Fred Duval, Claude Adams, BobbyShea, ______? ______.
~~Back Row~~
Ernie Erdman, Alex Philipchik, ?Robert Davidson, ?George Yule, James McDougal, David Dittman, ______? ______.


Cheerleader Team Photo

All are eighth graders, MHS 57

~~Front Row~~

Anita Drouin, ______?______, Suzan Eckersley, ______?______, ______?______.
~~Back Row~~
Pearl Kendall ??, Joan Robbins ??, Connie Sequenzia, Jeanne Branciforte