The Cromwell Alumni Mailroom is Password protected

Continue to Mailroom Sign In Mail SusanCz to Get Password

By clicking on "Continue to Mailroom" you will be asked for a name and password. The user name is "chs" -- If you don't know the password, CHS Alumni can email Susancz to get it.

You do not have to be listed to get the password, just an alumni/ae. The password is only to make it difficult to get to the file for spammers who troll for addresses. Secondly, the mailroom file is written in ASCII (which means a lower case m would look like "& #109;",) which also makes it difficult. And lastly, David has put code into the file so that it won't be indexed into a search engine.

I am only listing those who have said that they would want to be contacted. If you wish to be included, please let me know.

Password hint: Phys Ed teacher the year Susan graduated.