The Cromwell Alumni Mailroom is Password protected

Continue to Mailroom Sign In Mail SusanCz to Get Password

By clicking on "Continue to Mailroom" you will be asked for a name and password. If you don't know the user name and password, CHS Alumni can email Susancz to get them.

You do not have to be listed to get the password, just an alumni/ae. The password is only to make it difficult to get to the file for spammers who troll for addresses. Secondly, the mailroom file is written in ASCII (which means a lower case m would look like "& #109;",) which also makes it difficult. And lastly, David has put code into the file so that it won't be indexed into a search engine.

I am only listing those who have said that they would want to be contacted. If you wish to be included, please let me know.