F. William Young
1947 - 2021

Word had reached us that Bill Young has died. I am told that he requested that there be no obituary.

- February 2021

Celebration of Life in honor of Bill Young - July , 2021

Left to Right: Cynthia Young Marchinkoski, Gail Silvester Pillarella, Ellen Byrnes LaPointe, Ron Marchinkoski; Celebration of Life in honor of Bill Young, on what would have been Bill's 74th birthday. A great tribute by CHS classmates, friends, and family. Cynthia and Ron should sleep well tonight!

Ellen Byrnes LaPointe, Patricia Kowalewski Kozaka, John L Jr Swingen, Lorraine Griswold Henderson, and Lynne Johnson Schwartz; enjoying the Celebration of Bill Young's Life, hosted by Bill's sister Cynthia and her husband Ron Marchinkoski.

This was Bill's "Now" page from about 7-10 years ago. there were a couple of links that had some trouble opening that I took down.

Bill's Teacher Remembrances:

Kindergarten - Mrs. Ahlberg - kindness personified - even though she banned me from sandbox for throwing the sand. One day she put me in the big closet for a timeout and it had the blocks in it. It was FUN! She came back a while later and asked if it was time to come out but those blocks were just too much fun so my self imposed time out got extended. Met my first best friend Terry Johnson. We're still in touch. His mom, Doris, still alive in PA and dad, George, deceased last year, were my second parents. For many summers we camped in their trailer at Hammonasset and that made for astounding experiences.

First Grade - Miss Eisenstein - More KINDNESS and musical chairs. Dave Fitzpatrick, Richard Millane and moi "ganged" up and terrorized the playground. We'd attack kids from higher grades in our zeal for righteousness or so we thought. Whatever happened to my sweetheart Maureen Taft who moved away right at the end of the year? Heartbroken.

Second Grade - Mrs. Gibbons - DaDaDaDone - This was when the _ _ it hit the fan and she was it and unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) the fan was me. There was the reading group where speed meant smart to me. So while flying through my turn to read and Jane had on the Swee-ate-her it's possible that crystallizing moment was an impediment to my verbal skills for years to come. Seemed the whole reading group got the biggest laugh on me. Then the thought that crosses my mind that maybe my present day baldness is due to the strict teacher picking me up by my hair and carrying me out of the room. Betcha that wouldn't fly in this day and age (and you know my most fervent prayers were that my parents, especially my father, wouldn't find out) but then again they'd have the terrorist police in because of the live .22 caliber bullet being used by me to garner attention. Needed to find better ways to get attention but maybe her discipline may have played a role in athletics for years to come.

Third Grade - Miss Bonvino - More KINDNESS - Ran into her sister in an elevator in Middletown 6-7 years ago and she recognized me. Helen was doing well is my recollection and she deserves the best because she let me sit next to Mary Henderson the whole year. Then again she got me in trouble with my sister Cynthia on "bring a younger sibling day". We were supposed to be putting away our scribble drawings but my movements were to slow for Cynthia's sense of responsibility so Cynthia castigated me right in front of Mary. Mortification!!

Fourth Grade - Miss Steinkamp - Catharsis. My inspiration to become a teacher came one day in her class albeit negative. My new friend Jim Riddick only stayed in town a few years before moving to Middletown but we were competitors right thru high school. Miss Steinkamp moved to Oahu, Hawaii but in the eighteen winters of my living there we never ran into each other. Jake Salafia kept asking me to look her up. Sorta wish had followed thru on that but maybe still will. Spelling B's were the fun competitive learning games we played quite a bit that year and that had a positive effect.

Fifth Grade - Mrs. Planeta - Sports seemed to take on more meaning. Ray Libera, Tighe Davis and the new kid Henry Richards, Mary dumped me for him, made for good games. Mrs. Planeta was strict in a no nonsense way but at the same time warm and kind. Guess we were growing up. Will always remember the name Richard Waters flamboyantly etched into the back of the chair in front of me. Guess he wasn't too concerned about getting caught for graffiti or maybe he wasn't into planning ahead for consequences? Trouble was always easy to come by for me but as tempting as it was his name only got a little deeper.

Sixth Grade - Mr. Mann, Miss Cherlin, Miss. Adams - Remember showing off the first day of school while lined up and "swearing" loudly and everyone got quiet or oooohed. That lasted about ten minutes and then Mr. Mann was my homeroom teacher. The best part about him was we had his classes the last period on Wed & Fri and if we were absolutely quiet and finished our work he'd take us out for a half hour extra recess at the end of the day. One of those days Charlie Parsons was picking on Gary Kendall (Gary is a maybe) and from pitchers "mound" Mr. Mann yelled at 16 year old Charlie to knock it off. Charlie kept pummeling Gary so from first base stupid me ran across the field jumped on old Charlie, knocking him off Gary, with the "troops" Mr.. Mann right behind me and the situation was equalized. Yea right! After school that day Charlie laid in wait and chased me all the way to St. John's Church where my refuge was safe for the next hour or so inside those doors. God was definitely good that afternoon. With Harley Pelletier as my lookout my escape back to Main Street was secured at least for awhile. Mr. Mann used to flirt quite a bit with Miss Cherlin who always had me writing lines for some indiscretion although her music tests were easy because Nicky Carroll's sister spent many mostly unfruitful hours teaching me piano. Miss. Adams was our first introduction to French and commanded respect. We also played the dictionary game that Carol Crooks almost always won. This was the year the Pelletier boys moved into the neighborhood from Middletown and that was great. Rodney is still a good, although too infrequently visited, friend.

On to the new Jr-Sr High School but it's time to go back to work. If anyone cares for more school reminiscing drivel email me at TheTrampolinePlace@snet.net .