Sara (Sally) Rose Slate


Mark Rose reported that his sister, Sara Rose Slate, died on October 11, 2021

Greetings to the class of 1962!

I want to express my appreciation to the office worker who donated her 1962 yearbook to me. It replaced the one I had that was destroyed in a fire many years ago. I also send best wishes to my high school classmates and hope they will stay safe and be well.

As an update since high school, my husband Don and I have been married for 51 years and had a consulting business that we ran together. We retired in 2009 and moved to Florida. In 2019, we moved to North Carolina to be closer to our family.

Sara (Sally) Rose-Slate

Our daughter Marlene lives in nearby Virginia with her husband Michael and their two sons, Parker and Connor. (picture taken in 2018)

Our son Christopher and wife Elizabeth live in North Carolina. They have two children; Liam and Sydney. Liam lives in New York and Sydney lives in North Carolina. (picture taken in 2005)

Marlene and Michael Gantek in 2005.


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