March 11, 2008

I received a note from Pat Alsup, the Principal's secretary at Cromwell High School for the Class of 1959.
This year Cromwell High School will be graduating its 50th class. The Administration of CHS would like to invite the first graduating class (Class of 1959) to attend. Could something be put on the alumni website? I would be the contact person. We would like to know who is attending, so arrangements for seating and recognition can be made.

We do not have the actual date of graduation yet as it depends on snow days. As of TODAY it is June 19th. However, if we have any more snow days, we have to add a day for each one. The Board of Education will set the date at their April meeting.

I can be contacted from 8 a.m. to 3 p..m. at:

Cromwell High School
860-632-4841 ext. 1913

Pat Alsup
Principal's Secretary
Cromwell High School

February 27, 2008

From Margaret Rose Scarrozzo:
To the Cromwell High classes of '59 and '60. When we were in 8th grade Mrs. Egan knew someone in Austria. They wanted pen pals. I did write to my pen pal on a regular basis. For a while I lost contact, but in 1985, after reconnecting had the chance to meet her and her husband in Austria and again a couple of years ago in Budapest. She and her husband are planning to visit us for a week in May. If anyone from the class of '59 or '60 (which was just the other day) wants to know about his or her pen pal, they can contact me with names and I will forward them to my pen pal friend to see what has happen in their lives
Email to: Margaret Rose Scarrozzo