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General interest

  • Early Cromwell
  • 8th grade graduations and other early photos.
  • Junior and Senior Prom Pictures
  • Band photo 1953-54 shared by Pete Treml
  • Nancy & Sandy Denz and the VT Country Store
  • 1952 Nathaniel White Yearbook shared by Susanne Carroll
  • 1952-53 3 photos from the NWS 1953 yearbookshared by Ellen Eckersley
  • 1954 Nathaniel White Yearbookshared by Pat Carroll

    Music and Movies

    High School Sports teams and Memorabilia

  • 1955-56 basketball news photo sent by Alice Hatfield Azure
  • 1956-57 basketball sent by Larry Jezouit, Alice Hatfield Azure, and Dick Nixon
  • 1958-59 basketball sent by Dick Nixon
  • 1962-63 basketball from memorabilia saved by Mrs. Lee, our English Teacher.
  • 1962-64 Cross Country, Track, and School Championships sent by Tom Daly
  • 1986 Cross Country sent by Mark Carroll
  • 1987-88 basketball sent by Mark Carroll
  • 1988 Track and Field sent by Mark Carroll