~~~** Dick Nixon's Scrapbook **~~~

From the school years in Cromwell of Dick Nixon
Hello to '60 and to everyone else who went to NW and CHS. Hard to believe it has been 50 years! Looking back, Cromwell was a pretty good place to grow up.

I have really enjoyed Susan's site...it brings back a lot of memories. I have tried to put up as much scrapbook stuff as I can in hopes that it will bring back some memories for you. Much of what I have I found in some scrapbooks my mother kept...I didn't know she had them until she died a few years ago. There are also some old, mostly faded and blurry slides from my father. A lot of my originals are in rough shape but better rough than not at all. Those old blue mimeographs never were very good! I have tried to include as many names as I could and a bit from outside of school.

I am a little embarrassed that my name or picture is on everything, but...blame my mother for that. What else would she save? At least I tried to remove her copious red-pen underlining.

It would be great if everyone would share whatever early Cromwell memorabilia they still have. Our kids will throw it out soon enough. (Feb 2010)
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