Cromwell High School - All Class Reunion
June 10, 2006
Class of 1966

Dear Classmates and Friends,

What a wonderful time we had, being together as a class, and seeing everyone at the first ever All-Class Reunion, which was a huge success. Over 425 paid admission, plus several former teachers and their spouses came as guests. After four days of rain and clouds, the sun broke through on Saturday, just in time for the main event. Lots of laughs, hugs and pleasant memories were shared by all.

I honestly think that our class was having the most fun. Our gathering on Saturday evening, after everyone else had left, was a great way to unwind. Those of us who met again for brunch on Sunday shared another few moments of cherished memories. It was obvious that none of us wanted to go home; we were all enjoying just being together. Jack Bradley's recitation of a poem by Yeats, about reflecting on one's life from the far side of fifty, was a fitting end to a warm and wonderful weekend. But the quote of the day belongs to Mary Jane Pappalardo Densmore, speaking to her brother, "Paul, if I had known you were buying everyone's drinks, I would have had one!" Just another precious moment in a weekend filled with many.

To those of you who couldn't be with us, let me just say that we really missed you! Your names were mentioned frequently, we toasted you heartily, and even had some good things to say about each of you! Whatever happens to the All-Class Reunion in the future, you can count on the Class of '66 to have many more get-togethers. With so many of our classmates living in Maine, how about that as a destination?

I must also thank the members of the committee for their ideas, inspiration, and willingness to do the busy work necessary to make our reunion a success: Jack Bradley, Blanche Capilos, Nancy Dagle, Karen LeBlanc Grady, Patty Margerelli Murphy, and Mary Jane Pappalardo Densmore.

John Swingen

OK, I'm going to echo what swingin' john had to say...I really enjoyed the day, it was like being transported back in time to high school for a few hours and you didn't have to exercise too much "willing suspension of disbelief" to capture the illusion that it was 1966 and all those old familiar faces kept drifting in and out of your field of fact it was kind of like a day at high school, where you drifted into and out of groups of people and pinball-bounced back and forth in various fragmented conversations, recollections, partial memories and surprising remembrances...I saw so many people I didn't expect to see and some people just simply refused to come into focus in my memory...but most did.

I have to admit I was the instigator of the prank of switching name-tags with Pete Carlin and Rick Monnes and the ploy yielded a lot of good laughs and was all in good fun...pete was me, I was pete and then rick and who knows how many others picked up the joke and pulled their own of the funniest of all the ensuing confusions was when Ann Boyton came up to me and said, "Tighe Davis, how are ya', you always looked like a movie star to me Tighe" and then she realized that I wasn't Tighe, that I was another name and so she looked down at my name-tag...Pete Carlin and she started to say something and then...she realized I wasn't Pete Carlin either, probably and who was I and so she just slugged me and laughed....and laughed, as if to say hey you, whatever you're freakin' name is you're still the same high school goofball I remember....

there were other classic moments too but enough for now...

good job everybody, you made it a day to remember and like may be imitated but it will never be repeated...

Bill Yule


It was great seeing old classmates and everyone looked great. My sister and I enjoyed the reunion and the organizers did a great job. The weather could have been a little warmer, less rainy but...Cromwell has come a long way since 1966 and so have all of the Class of '66. Great job and a great weekend.

Linda Kochy Keating

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