Sherry Knowlton Tota
1965 - 2021

Sherry Knowlton Tota was born on January 7, 1965 and passed away in September 2021. Sherry graduated from CHS in 1983, and was married to the late Stephen Tota in September of 1989. He died in 2007. They have three children left to mourn them, Bobby, Amanda, and Stephen Tota.

the Middletown Press - Sep. 17, 2021.

Sherry Knowlton Tota,
1965 - 2020

We were not ready to say goodbye
when you left us a year ago. But
remembering you is easy; we do it
everyday. Missing you is a heartache
that never goes away.

Love and Miss you
Amanda, Stephen, Bobby, Mom and your four Sisters