..ooO}-- Class of 1980 - Third Grade --{Ooo..

Miss Woodruff's third grade

Back row L to R
Miss Woodruff, LuAnn Kelmel, Suzanne Audette, Mark Touissaint, Lionel Post, Mike Lapila, Suzanne Doolittle, Jackie Brauer
Middle row L to R
Joe Tomassone, Eugene Hackney, Stuart Little, Robin Perham, Jeannie ___?___, Tim Farrell, Robin Evans, Marlene Provencher, Chuck Kaprielian, Raymond Dickinson, Gary Pandolfi
Front Seated L to R
Sharon Griffin, Terri Marino, Angela Christiano, Todd Madelena, Milva DiDomizio, Karen Anderson, ___?___ (I think this was a twin--Linda or Lisa--lived in Cromwell a short time)
Kneeling Front L to R
Steven Fritch, David Herdman

I need ID's for blanks.

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