..ooO}-- Senior Class - 1973 --{Ooo..

In this yearbook the Seniors were not in alphabetical order, but rather arranged by their
astrological signs. You have to love the '70's. This was the bright idea of Jan Piccolello and Mick Augeri.
-- I have put them back in alphabetical order for the sake of the site. --
Jan Piccolello also drew a small picture for those who did not submit a photo, and I have used these
as place holders. Great idea ! Much better that just a "No Photo Available."

Names in Blue and underlined can be clicked on for new pictures and/or information.

Thomas Ambler

Michael Augeri

Judith Barrett

Steven Bauer

Richard Blake

Laura Brainerd

Holly Brancifort

William Buggie

Given Cassella

Doug Chamberlain

Joni Cherico

David Coleman

Luann Collura

Richard Corciullo

Gary Costanzo

Charles Davidson

Robert DeLuca

Tom DeSena

Randall Dobkiewicz

Wayne Duffy

Amy Dunn

Debra Duval [+]

Eileen Fasoli

Robert Fowles

Susan Freudenstein

Cheryl Galanto

Mary Garafalo

Eileen Geer

James Giardina

Penny Gillespie

Harold Goldberg

Michael Harrington

Elaine Hodges

Mack Holt

Holly Hunt

Ricky Jones

Michael Jordan

Anne Kaiser

Janet Kalish

Gregory Kearns

Denise LaMonica

Debra Larson

John Lewis

Jane Lord

LuAnne Mangene

Diane Mastergeorge

Paul Melmer

Robin Nelson

Mark Pagano

Carle Partridge [+]

John Perruccio

Jan Piccolello

Deborah Post

Barbara Race

Gary Rand

Ronald Randino

Sally Rauert

David Reed

Letizia Riccardi

Brenda Rice

Kim Riley

Maria Ruffino

Janet Sekscenski

Holly Sheehan [+]

Richard Skubel

Leo Slater

Ellen Smith

Denis Soucy III

Ed Szymanski

Cheryl Thompson

Sandra Tollman

Sharon Walton

Gail Webster

Joan Weglarz

Stephen Yaglowski

Patricia Zacchio

Lori Zapatka

..ooO}-- Cromwell Students at Vinal Regional Technical School --{Ooo..
Class of 1973

E. Russell Brainerd

Burton Hill

Daniel Ireton

James Monnes

..ooO}-- Cromwell Students at Xavier High School --{Ooo..
Class of 1973

Emanuel Amato

Carl Banic

Steven Cardarelli

Charles Chalko

Philip Franklin

David Goodyear

Raymond Lolli

Joseph Lorette

Steven McDowell
moved to Middletown before high school

William McKinley

Michael Michalski

David Pizzuti

Edward Powers

William Reiman

John Ross

Michael Wnek
photo missing from folder

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