Class of 71 Reunion, 22 OCT, 6 – 11 pm, TPC River Highlands Golf Club

Dear Classmates,
6 JUL 2022

I hope everyone is in good health and high spirits, and as anxious as I am to participate in our upcoming 51st reunion, which is now just a little more than three months away!

The TPC River Highlands Banquet Room has been reserved, and our time together there has been extended one hour from 6 – 11 pm, to allow more time to speak with everyone. As a reminder, the reunion attire will be ‘casual’, and the only cost will be for the buffet dinner, as well as any adult beverages you purchase at the ‘cash bar’.

I am publishing a full update and contact manifest (PDF file) link so everyone can see the latest status on who intends to come, and to perhaps contact others. Please review it carefully and inform me of any needed changes, especially if you have contact information for those not yet contacted, or those listed as ‘No Response’, because I may have outdated information.

Thank you.

Ken Slater, C 3215372106