David Butler

After high school David attended Ward Technical College at the University of Hartford. He moved to Seattle, WA in 1976 where he was able to combine his hobby of comic strip drawing with the technical skills from college to become a Technical Illustrator working on User Manuals and other publications. With the advent of computer-based publishing in the mid-1980's David immersed himself in learning the new technologies as well as finding ways to automate tasks involved in publishing books and eventually web sites.

David Butler and his wife, Ruby Smale

David and Ruby married in 1982 and lived in Seattle, Washington for over 25 years where David worked for Adobe Systems. He acquired the family house, retired early and they moved back to Cromwell in 2006 where they are renovating the house.

David and a friend, Mitch, in 1997 during the 200 mile STP (Seattle, WA to Portland, OR) bicycle event.

In 1978 my brother Nathan and I hitchhiked, took the train, and backpacked through Scotland

(information current as of August 2019)