Ray Brainard

my arms are the perfect length for taking polaroids of myself and over the years i've taken hundreds.

Here's a self shot of me and "Further", Ken Kesey and the Merry Prankster's bus at the rock and roll hall of fame.

and one someone took of me shooting myself with my friend pat gallagher (hidden behind me) and her then boyfriend John Cassady, son of Neal, who had driven the bus from california to cleveland in his father's stead. what a great day. after the outdoor hoopla we went to this gala opening night party in the hall with the pranksters, a bunch of musicians, politicians and god only knows who else. i spilled donovan's (mellow yellow) glass of wine, but they were free so i bought him another and had a swell chat. as we all exited the back door they asked all the pranksters to sign the back wall and now "boffo the chimp" is enshrined there in black sharpie. spent the rest of the night and early morning hitting bars in "the flats" as "the big guy leading the prankster party on their mission to cleveland". mucho free beer. 15 minutes of fame. the only reason i was there is because my very dear friend danny gallagher (pat's brother) needed a ride and i said sure, let's take the subaru to cleveland. life sure has it's moments, doesn't it?

that really is ken kesey behind me.

that really is the other ray at the party. maybe the only ray seeing as i was travelling as boffo, the chimp.

My golf pants.

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