Cynthia Doherty

From Cynthia Doherty (Scott) Gronvall, Class of 1969.

I moved to DC immediately after high school graduation, then lived in Colombia, South America for a couple of years, then back to DC. In 1992, I moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since 2016, I made the DC area my home again to be near my grandchildren.

I was extremely saddened to see the number of people who have passed away, especially two of my neighbors I knew very well as a girl.

Family update:

Audrey and Andrew

For an update regarding my family:

My sister, Audrey Doherty McConnaughy from the Class of '60 lived in Ridgefield, Ct then moved to Woodland Park, Colorado in 2015 to be near her daughter and family. Audrey passed away in July of 2016.

My brother, Andrew from the Class of '66, lives near Steamboat Springs, CO.

(information current as of August 2020)

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