Donna Skaanning

I have been married 35 years to David L. Brown and we met and graduated from Houghton College, NY in '71. I have a Bachelor of Music degree. My husband was a youth pastor for 2 years in Norfolk VA and then we went to Trinity Seminary in IL to get his Master of Divinity degree. We went to Japan as missionaries with TEAM from '77 - '86 and then returned to TEAM's headquarters in Wheaton IL for 15 years, recruiting and training missionaries. In 2002 we moved to Sandusky OH to be an associate pastor at The Chapel. I continued to substitute teach and work at a Christian bookstore here. We have 3 children, Christopher (30), Joshua (28) and Abigail (26). My parents have stayed in Cromwell all these years and my father, Roy, just passed away at 82.


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(information as of July 2007)