Alice Hatfield

April 2022 - I said "yes!!"

"Today is July 30, 2022 - my 82nd birthday as well as my wedding day with Robert Rinkel! How much happiness can a woman have?"

                   - Alice Azure

Alice and Robert

Alice and her sister Carol

               This, below,was written in April 2009

Alice Hatfield Azure recently retired to Maryville, Illinois after a twenty-three year career in the United Way movement, where as a social planner, she worked with volunteers in Rock Island, (IL), Green Bay (WI), Washington, D.C. and Gales Ferry (CT) to allocate charitable funds, conduct community needs assessments and evaluate the results of funded programs.

Now, she divides her time between writing and three grandchildren. Her son, Michael Liljegren, and his wife, Kelley are teachers at Collinsville high school, so each day Alice gets to feed snacks to Hanna, Luke and Faith after school, and listen to their stories about sports, books and homework. Sometimes she watches Sponge Bob Square Pants, too!

Patti, Alice's youngest daughter, lives four hours north in Geneseo, Illinois with her husband, David Lindstrom and their son, Bo, who is Alice's oldest grandchild. Bo's parents are teachers, too, who find time to drive him all over the Midwest so he can play in baseball tournaments. Bo is becoming an accomplished jazz pianist.

Alice oldest daughter, Katie Liljegren, is a journeymen's electrician and lives in Waltham, Massachusetts with her companion, Sharon Curry, who works at Children's Hospital as a computer programmer.

Alice recently published her first book of poetry, In Mi'kmaq Country: Selected Poems and Stories, available through She is active in the St. Louis Poetry Center and meets monthly with her poetry group, Six on Saturday, when members critique each other's work.

Alice's daughter Patti with husband David and Bo.

Alice's daughter Katie & Sharon

Alice's son Mike with wife Kelly, and Hannah, Luke, and Faith
(information current as of April 2009)